Laminates are one of the hottest trends in flooring today! Offering a wide variety of color and tone, they create a great backdrop to your decorating scheme. Laminate floors are most often made to look like hardwood, tile, or stone.

Laminates are constructed with a wear layer that protects a decorative-image sheet. These two layers are bonded to a rigid core – usually fiberboard with a bottom-balancing layer to prevent bowing. Laminate flooring offers especially low maintenance and high durability. It’s perfect for families with children, pets, or busy lifestyles.

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Mohawk’s new GenuEdge Technology features the most realistic hardwood looks ever seen in laminate flooring. This superior visual effect is achieved through an innovative process that allows the paper to roll over the edges of the laminate plank, just like with real hardwood.

Thanks to ScratchGuard Advanced Finish Protection, Mohawk laminates are perfect for those high-traffic areas in the home. ScratchGuard especially helps prevent the dulling and tiny abrasions caused from everyday dust and dirt.

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With innovative technologies such as Embossed In Register®, MicroBevel®, Interplank®, Multi-Direction Design™, and DualFinish™, Fausfloor laminate products resemble the true nature of ceramic, wood and stone. Whether it is the unique grain of an exotic wood or an intricate pattern found in tumbled stone, their textures capture even the most subtle variations creating authenticity you can see and feel.

Fausfloor’s built-in edge protection allows for a more durable floor. So durable that they guarantee their product:

– Will not stain or wear
– Will not fade in color due to natural sunlight or normal household lighting
– Will resist water damage from normal household activities when installed in accordance with provided installation instructions

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Offering both exotic and domestic looks, Eastern laminates are made to stand up to high residential traffic and impact without the cost and maintenance of hardwood. This affordable alternative to natural wood is incredibly versatile and can be installed with ease in any room. Laminates offer simplicity throughout the installation process, making them ideal for DIY projects.

Laminate Flooring
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Shaw laminates use less newly harvested wood than conventional hardwoods. They feature their exclusive OptiCore – an environmentally friendly laminate coreboard that’s strong, stable, and moisture resistant.

Engineered to last, laminate offers a long life span that minimizes replacement. And while it simulates the upscale look of a natural product like an exotic hardwood or natural stone tile, the actual material isn’t used and the natural resource preserved.

Laminate Flooring

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