At Carpetman, we think carpet creates a feeling of luxury and comfort in a room. Whether you want an elegant formal space or a casual family room for relaxing, we have just the right carpet for your lifestyle and home.

  • Residential carpeting
  • Commercial carpeting
  • Top brands like Mohawk and Shaw

Here are the best reasons to consider when your choosing new flooring for your home:

  • Carpet offers a variety of colors, patterns and styles to satisfy any personal style and match any décor.
  • Carpet’s cushioned surface absorbs sound and is less noisy to walk on than hard surface flooring.
  • Affordability, carpet is one of the most economical flooring products to have installed.
  • The insulating properties of carpet provide additional warmth underfoot during cold seasons.
  • Carpet is a non-slip surface that is safe underfoot and provides a cushion to prevent breakage when delicate items are accidentally dropped.
  • Most synthetic carpets are treated with static, stain and soil resistant treatments, making them easy to clean and maintain.
Mowhawk Logo

Mohawk Industries prides itself on making the best carpet at the best prices. At Mohawk a team of designers and engineers work together to provide the most updated styles and fiber technologies to you the consumer. With Mohawk Carpet you can feel confident that you are always getting the best quality and style for the best price. Every Mohawk carpet product goes through rigorous testing to be sure that each product is worthy of the Mohawk label.

Mohawk does not just make carpet. They also make the fibers that go into the carpet. That gives you the option of buying an unbranded product at a reduced price. You will not get the extra warranty that comes with a  smartstrand carpet, stainmaster carpet, anso carpet, or wear-dated carpet, but if saving is important to you then you might want to exercise the option.

Smartstrand Silk Logo

SmartStrand® Silk™ with DuPont™ Sorona® is the ONLY luxuriously soft carpet with built-in stain and soil protection that never washes or wears off and cleans with just water.

  • The only premium soft carpet with built-in stain and soil protection that never wears or washes off
  • Luxurious softness due to three times the fiber of ordinary soft Nylon
  • Remains beautiful three times longer compared to soft nylon carpets
  • Preferred 5 to 1 over premium soft nylon
Carpeted Betroom
Shaw Logo

Shaw Floors has been crafting beautiful, durable carpets since 1967. Shaw offers more than 25,000 carpet styles and colors.

Caress Logo

Traveling the world for inspiration, our Shaw team has noted a trend in homes and interior design where mainstays like bedding, rugs and furniture are all going “soft,” using natural resources as materials. This inspired a different way of thinking about flooring, resulting in the creation of our ultra-soft Caress products.

Desire for softness, comfort and warmth is not new but is instead timeless. Our ancestors have looked to natural fleeces and furs as a standard for softness. Likewise, we searched for the softest natural fibers around the world as inspiration for Caress, reflecting on images of sheep, alpacas, rabbits, and other soft furry creatures to help create the colors and textures of the collection.

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